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  • Eco-friendly product made of recycled cardboard
  • 50 g of tea in the cup (enough for 20 cups of tea)
  • Tea from organic production
  • Ethical Tea Partnership
  • You can drink from the cup
  • Perfect as a gift

Our popular ice teas will captivate with their unique flavour and a modern, fresh design. Treat your taste buds to an irresistible moment of delight and let yourself be whisked away for an indulgent sensory experience by our ice tea creations. They are the perfectly cool, refreshing drink to have to hand on a hot summer day!

Ice Tea Terere is an infusion of yerba mate prepared with cold water, a lot of ice and pohá ñaná (medicinal herbs). This infusion has its roots in Pre-Columbian America, which established itself as traditional during the time of Governorate of Paraguay. The Guaraní people call this infusion ka'ay, where ka'a means herb and y means water.

It is similar to mate — a drink also based on yerba mate, but with the difference that tereré is consumed cold, preferably in the warmer areas of the Southern Cone. It is traditional from Paraguay, where it's considered a cultural icon.

We have blend mate tea with mango and guava for the best taste!

It can be infused in cold water for 7 minutes.